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Entry Window - St George's Church, RAF Halton

  • The surrounding border is made up of the colours of the hat bands worn in the three Apprentice Wings at RAF Halton and the two Apprentice Squadrons at RAF Cranwell. These colours are Red for 1(A) Wing, Blue for 2(A) Wing and Orange for 3(A) Wing at RAF Halton, chequered (checked) Dark Blue/Green for 'B' Squadron and chequered Dark Blue/Dark Red for 'C' Squadron at RAF Cranwell.
  • The crown depicted is a King's crown and signifies that King George VI was the Sovereign when the Entry was enlisted.
  • The depiction of the Beret indicates that the Entry was the first to be issued with the beret, in lieu of the forage cap, at the initial kitting out.
  • The Apprentice Wheel is common to all but a very few Apprentice Entries and is the badge of our unique bond.
  • The inverted rank chevron denotes that the 58th Entry had the distinction of being the first Entry to pass out under the 1951 New Trade Structure (Introduction of Technician Ranks), and were thus amongst the first Junior Technicians in the Royal Air Force.
  • The three Sixpences add up to one shilling and sixpence of pre-decimal coinage (7.5 new pence) and are representative of the daily rate of pay on enlistment. The dates shown on each of the coins represent the three years during which the Entry underwent training, although it is acknowledged that the Cranwell element did not pass out until February 1951.

The window was installed in time for the Triennial reunion held at RAF Halton on the 26th September 1998. The illustration shown comprises a line drawing and photographic images of the major parts of the window.

A booklet, describing the window and its location in the church, and giving a list of those members of the Entry who contributed to the cost, has been produced on vellum with a leather cover. The booklet was presented to the station museum, at its new location on Henderson square, on the occasion of the window dedication service. The dedication service was held on Tuesday 9th November 1999 and after the service a Royal British Legion Poppy Wreath with a 'Wheel' centrepiece was laid at the Apprentice Tribute by Air Commodore Duncan Allison CBE. A guard of honour was provided by some of the recruits who were due to pass out from training later the same day, and the Last Post was sounded by a trumpeter of the Royal Air Force Central Band.

After the ceremonies a celebratory meal was held at a hostelry in Wendover.


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